Buick Parts 1946 - 1976
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Expansion Valve, Receiver-Drier, Fan Motor,

Vacuum Tank, Vacuum Diaphragms,

S.T.V. Valve Kit, Fan & Mode Switches

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A. Thermostatic expansion valve A. THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE C. A/C & Heater fan blower motor C. A/C & HEATER FAN BLOWER MOTOR D. Vacuum storage & Distribution tank D. VACUUM STORAGE & DISTRIBUTION TANK A/C & Heater duct door vacuum diaphragm A/C & HEATER DUCT DOOR VACUUM DIAPHRAGM
E.  Suction throttling valve kit E. SUCTION THROTTLING VALVE KIT G-1. Receiver-drier & Dehydrator G-1. RECEIVER-DRIER & DEHYDRATOR G. Heater & A/C Fan blower switch G. HEATER & A/C FAN BLOWER SWITCH