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Rear Quarter Window Leading Edge Vertical Weatherstrips, Upper Lock Pillar U-Jamb Seals, Trunk Emblem Pads,

Trunk Lid Bumpers and Trunk Lid Weatherstrips

Helpful Note: Always have plenty of our #AD01 Black rubber adhesive on hand when you are working with

weatherstrips and rubber parts! This is the stuff the professional body shops use, easy to ship

with your order.


Illustrations are for Reference only

A. Rear Quarter Window Weatherstrip Set A. REAR QUARTER WINDOW WEATHERSTRIP SET B. Lock pillar U-jamb seal set B. LOCK PILLAR U-JAMB SEAL SET C. Trunk lid to body weatherstrip C. TRUNK LID TO BODY WEATHERSTRIP D. Trunk lid bumper D. TRUNK LID BUMPER
E. Trunk lock cylinder gasket E. TRUNK LOCK CYLINDER GASKET F. Trunk lid emblem or handle pad F. TRUNK LID EMBLEM OR HANDLE PAD