Buick Parts 1946 - 1976
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Air Conditioning Decals And Tags

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Part #YearModel ApplicationDescriptionPrice
DB025355 - 61Harrison A/C Evaporator BoxAir Conditioning Decal$6.00
DB016855 - 63All Models A/C Compressor WarningAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB015764Frigidaire A/C Compressor #5910503 1st typeAir Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB016764 - 65Frigidaire A/C Compressor #6550133Air Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB015965Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ... EBA-70-65BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB016066Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ... EBA-70-66BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB006266Frigidaire A/C CompressorAir Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB016167Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ... EBA-70-67BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB014067 - 68Frigidaire A/C CompressorAir Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB016268Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ... EBA-70-68BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB016369Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ... EBA-70-69BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB027269Frigidaire A/C Compressor 5910688Air Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB016470Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ... EBA-70-70BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB012070Frigidaire A/C CompressorAir Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB016571Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ... EBA-70-71BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB033571Frigidaire A/C Compressor 5910724 BlueAir Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB016971Frigidaire A/C Compressor 5910782 RedAir Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB016672Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ... EBA-70-72BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB017072Frigidaire A/C Compressor 5910793Air Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB037072Frigidaire A/C Compressor 5910789Air Conditioning Decal$5.50
DB040373Riviera Harrison A/C Evaporator Box ABE-50A-72BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB017173Harrison A/C Evaporator Box EBA-070-73BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB042173Frigidaire A/C Reciever-Dryer 1131011Air Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB017274Harrison A/C Evaporator Box EBA-070-74BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB041474Frigidaire A/C Reciever-Dryer 1131047Air Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB017375Harrison A/C Evaporator Box EBA-070-75BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00
DB017476Harrison A/C Evaporator Box EBA-070-76BAir Conditioning Decal$5.00