Buick Parts 1946 - 1976
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Windshield Washer & Fluids Decals And Tags

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Part #YearModel ApplicationDescriptionPrice
DB033040 - 50Automatic Windshield Washer BracketWindshield Washer Decal$5.00
DB004241 - 58Trico Windshield Washer LidWindshield Washer Decal$5.00
DB017550 - 60GM Windshield Washer BracketWindshield Washer Decal$4.50
DB019653 - 58GM Automatic Windshield Washer LidWindshield Washer Decal$4.50
DB006961 - 67Washer Fluid Glass Bottle CapWindshield Washer Decal$4.50
DB009261 - 67Optikleen Fluid Glass Bottle LabelWindshield Washer Decal$4.00
DB017761 - 67Kleer-View Fluid Glass Bottle LabelWindshield Washer Decal$4.00
DB019564 - 65GM Windshield Washer Filler Bottle Label Special-Skylark-GSWindshield Washer Decal$4.00
DB017868 - 75GM Windshield Washer Filler Bottle LabelWindshield Washer Decal$4.50