Buick Parts 1946 - 1976
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Interior Tags, Stickers, Sleeves & Labels

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Part #YearModel ApplicationDescriptionPrice
DB023036 - 54New Vehicle Service Policy BPS602AService Policy$4.00
DB022637 - 41New Vehicle Owners Manual EnvelopeOwners Manual Envelope$4.50
DB006837 - 56Cigar Lighter Instruction TagCigar Lighter Tag$4.00
DB006738 - 49Oil & Tire Instruction TagOil & Tire Tag$4.50
DB023139 - 54New Vehicle Battery Warranty CertificateBattery Certificate$4.00
DB009440 - 54Glove Box Chrome Care Instruction TagChrome Care Tag$4.00
DB043442 - 50New Vehicle Owners Manual EnvelopeOwners Manual Envelope$5.00
DB032653 - 63Air Conditioned By Buick Window DecalWindow Decal$5.00
DB039354 - 63Electric Antenna Instruction Tag 570340Antenna Tag$4.50
DB027155 - 60Delco Battery Owners CertificateBattery Certificate$4.00
DB004758 - 59Autronic Eye Instruction TagHeadlamp Dimmer Tag$4.00
DB023961 - 64Delco Battery Owners CertificateBattery Certificate$4.00
DB034865 - 68LITTER BOXLitter Box Decal$4.50
DB024065 - 68Delco Battery Owners CertificateBattery Certificate$4.00
DB030566 - 69New Vehicle Factory Build SheetFactory Build Sheet$5.00
DB036067All Weather Climate Control Tag 1371552Climate Control Tag$5.00
DC027567 - 72GM Mark Of Excellence Embossed Metal Plate (Aqua)Door Jamb Plate$6.50
DB001567 - 72GM Mark Of Excellence Door Decal (Dark Blue)Door Jamb Decal$4.00
DB042067 - 72GM Mark Of Excellence Door Embossed Metal Plate (Dark Blue)Door Jamb Plate$6.50
DB037168Riviera "Fasten Seat Belts"Seat Belt Decal$4.50
DB020368 - 70All Weather Climate Control Tag 1385359Climate Control Tag$5.00
DB039568 - 70Luggage Instruction TagLuggage Tag$5.00
DB021869Lighter Reset Instruction Decal ... RivieraCigar Lighter Tag$4.50
DB025769 - 72Ignition Lock/Start Instruction Sleeve "6" 3964572Sunvisor Sleeve$5.00
DB024469 - 72Ignition Lock/Start Instruction Sleeve "7" 3961389Sunvisor Sleeve$5.00
DB006171 - 73Engine Starting Instruction TagEngine Start Tag$4.50
DB027572Special-Skylark-GS Seat Belt Instruction SleeveSunvisor Sleeve$5.00
DB020772 - 73Air Conditioner Instruction Tag 1240090A/C Instruction Tag$5.50
DB038173Unleaded Fuel Sun Visor SleeveSunvisor Sleeve$5.00
DB025873 - 74Ignition Lock Instruction Sleeve 738563Sunvisor Sleeve$5.00
DB029474 - 76Sun Visor Starting Instruction Decal 345532Sunvisor Sleeve$4.50
DB023275 - 77Sun Visor Starting Instruction SleeveSunvisor Sleeve$5.00