Buick Parts 1946 - 1976
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D. Window Regulator Handle

(RH or LH)

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Part #YearModel ApplicationDescriptionPrice
DWH465846 - 58Chrome with Black Knob fits various GM models (Note: This is replacement type with black knob for .463 dia. shaft)Window regulator handle$12.00
HW467646 - 76Plastic Washer (behind handle)Window regulator handle$3.00
DWH5964B59 - 64Chrome with long slot in handle and Black KnobWindow regulator handle$12.00
DWH596459 - 64Chrome with long slot in handle and Chrome KnobWindow regulator handle$12.00
DWH6566B65 - 66Chrome with Black KnobWindow regulator handle$23.00
DWH6566C65 - 66Chrome with Chrome KnobWindow regulator handle$23.00
DWH6876B68 - 76Chrome with Black KnobWindow regulator handle$10.00
DWH6876C68 - 76Chrome with Clear KnobWindow regulator handle$10.00