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Trunk Cardboard Sets

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Part #YearModel ApplicationDescriptionPrice
TBBU25749Roadmaster 2-Dr SedanetteTrunk Cardboard Set$77.00
TBBU25451 - 53Super 56R 2-Dr Hardtop Brown 3-piece SetTrunk Cardboard Set$71.00
TBBU25954Special 48D 2-Dr SedanTrunk Cardboard Set$73.00
TBBU26054Skylark ConvertibleTrunk Cardboard Set$73.00
TBBU19854 - 56Super & Roadmaster 56R & 76R 2-Dr Hardtop Brown 3-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$69.00
TBBU20154 - 56Super & Roadmaster 56R & 76R 2-Dr Hardtop Black 3-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$69.00
TBBU24355 - 56Special-Century 43-63 4-Dr Hardtop Brown 3-piece SetTrunk Cardboard Set$69.00
TBBU18755 - 56Special 48 2-Dr Sedan Brown 3-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$69.00
TBBU22355 - 56Special 46R 2-Dr Hardtop BrownTrunk Cardboard Set$69.00
TBBU21056Super 53 4-Dr Hardtop BrownTrunk Cardboard Set$69.00
TBRV11357Special-Century 43-63 4-Dr HardtopTrunk Cardboard Set$62.00
TBBU23157Roadmaster 73-75 4-Dr Hardtop Gray 3-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$67.00
TBBU23758Limited 750 4-Dr Hardtop BlackTrunk Cardboard Set$67.00
TBBU26358Special-Century 46R-66R 2-Dr Hardtop 3-piece GrayTrunk Cardoard Set$79.00
TBBU23059 - 60Electra 225 4-Dr Hardtop BlackTrunk Cardboard Set$73.00
TBBU21959 - 60All Convertible BlackTrunk Cardboard Set$69.00
TBBU24262All Models LeSabre-Invicta-Wildcat-Electra, except Electra 225 convert Gray 4-piece SetTrunk Cardboard Set$71.00
TBBU19363 - 64Electra 4819 4-Dr Sedan Gray 6-Piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$95.00
TBBU19463 - 64LeSabre-Wildcat 2-Dr & 4-Dr Hardtop & Convertible Gray 6-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$95.00
TBBU19463 - 64All LeSabre-Wildcat Gray 6-piece set without Remote ReleaseTrunk Cardboard Set$95.00
TBRV10263 - 65Riviera Gray 5-piece set with Remote Release OptionTrunk Cardboard Set$75.00
TBRV10363 - 65Riviera Gray 5-piece set without Remote ReleaseTrunk Cardboard Set$75.00
TBBU25865 - 66LeSabre-Wildcat Convertible 5-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$97.00
TBBU21266Electra 4-Dr Hardtop BlackTrunk Cardboard Set$69.00
TBRV12166 - 67Riviera Black 2-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$51.00
TBBU18967 - 68LeSabre-Wildcat-Electra 2-DR Hardtop Black 4-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$101.00
TBBU21568Wildcat Convertible Black 5-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$112.00
TBRV10568 - 70Riviera Black 2-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$57.00
TBBU17869Wildcat Convertible 3-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$77.00
TBBU17769 - 70LeSabre except convertible 2-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$55.00
TBBU19669 - 70Electra Black 7-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$89.00
TBBU28070Wildcat Model 6637 2-Dr HT Black 6pc SetTrunk Cardoard Set$159.00
TBRV10771 - 72Riviera Black 4-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$67.00
TBRV10973Riviera Black 4-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$67.00
TBRV11074 - 76Riviera Black 4-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$83.00
TBBU24975LeSabre Convertible Black 2-piece setTrunk Cardboard Set$67.00