Buick Parts 1946 - 1976
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Part #YearModel ApplicationDescriptionPrice
SM4247BU42 - 47New Reprint 42-47 Shop Service Manual42-47 Shop Manual$49.00
SM4247BUCD42 - 4742-47 All Models Shop Manual42-47 Shop Manual CD$36.00
SM4849BU48 - 49New Reprint 48-49 Shop Service Manual48-49 Shop Manual$49.00
SM4849BUCD48 - 4948-49 All Models Shop Manual48-49 Shop Manual CD$36.00
SM50BU50New Reprint 50 Shop Service Manual50 Shop Manual$49.00
SM50BUCD5050 All Models Shop Manual50 Shop Manual CD$36.00
SM51BU51New Reprint 51 Shop Service Manual51 Shop Manual$49.00
SM51BUCD5151 All Models Shop Manual51 Shop Manual CD$36.00
SM5253BU52 - 53New Reprint 52-53 Shop Service Manual. This is a combination of 2 books for All `52 and All `53, including the `53 12-volt electrical & V8 engine service supplement book!52-53 Shop Manual$69.00
SM5253BUCD52 - 5352-53 All Models Shop Manual52-53 Shop Manual CD$36.00
SM54BU54New Reprint 54 Shop Service Manual54 Shop Manual$49.00
SM54BUCD5454 All Models Shop Manual54 Shop Manual CD$36.00
SM55BU55New Reprint 55 Shop Service Manual55 Shop Manual$36.00
SM55BUCD5555 All Models Shop Manual55 Shop Manual CD$36.00
SM56BU56New Reprint 56 Shop Service Manual56 Shop Manual$36.00
SM56BUCD5656 All Models Shop Manual56 Shop Manual CD$36.00