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Super-Turbine 400 St-400

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Part #YearModel ApplicationDescriptionPrice
40060864Wildcat-Electra-Riviera Super Turbine 400 Master Overhaul Kit with gaskets, seals, sealing rings & friction clutchesST400 Overhaul Kit$130.00
40050864Wildcat-Electra-Riviera Super Turbine 400 Gasket & Seal Kit with gaskets, seals & sealing ringsST400 Gasket & Seal Kit$100.00
40071064Wildcat-Electra-Riviera Super Turbine 400 Filter KitST400 Filter Kit$38.00
42050164Wildcat-Electra-Riviera Super Turbine 400 Vacuum ModulatorST400 Vacuum Modulator$29.00
42510464Wildcat-Electra-Riviera Super Turbine 400 Front BandST400 Front Band$65.00
42510564Wildcat-Electra-Riviera Super Turbine 400 Rear BandST400 Rear Band$65.00