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C. Mount For Open Driveshaft

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Part #YearModel ApplicationDescriptionPrice
408108R61 - 63Special & Skylark (replacement type: must file x-member holes)Transmission Mount$30.00
408109R63Lesabre-Wildcat-Electra-Riviera A/T (replacement type: must drill x-member)Transmission Mount$30.00
40811064Wildcat-Electra-Riviera "Stop-Sign" shape with angled bolt holes for ST400 A/TTransmission Mount$45.00
40811164 - 68Special-Skylark-LeSabre with ST300 A/TTransmission Mount$13.00
40811365 - 66LeSabre with TH400 A/TTransmission Mount$13.00
40811065 - 70Wildcat-Electra-Riviera "Stop-Sign" shape with angled bolt holes for TH400 A/TTransmission Mount$45.00
40811265 - 72All Models with Manual TransmissionTransmission Mount$13.00
40811367 - 72Skylark GS400 & GS455 with TH400 A/TTransmission Mount$13.00
40811569 - 72Special-Skylark-LeSabre with TH350 A/TTransmission Mount$13.00
40811671 - 74LeSabre 455-Centurion-Electra-RivieraTransmission Mount$14.00